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  Words to live by – Chairman’s Message
“Truth, Hard work, Simplicity, Honesty and Faith” – These are the five golden tenets which the Founder – Chairman of the Group followed strictly. The Five Golden Mantras are the five towers of the Group’s victory. A work of real merit finds success at last, as we have found. Nothing succeeds like success…
Business with a conscience – Straight from the Heart!
“Where there is a will, there is a way” is the motto of the Group’s chairman. As an aspiring young visionary with innovative ideas, he started his career at Madras Port (now Chennai Port) in 1957 South India. Imbibed with “Whatever we offer, we should offer the best”, he has established a spectrum of businesses like Logistics, Coal and Mineral Mining, food chains and Hospitality, International trading, Housing and Distillery and IMFS - all with the intent of providing quality service and products at affordable prices to all people
Despite the ever-changing scenario of the economy, he ensured that the business is guided by ethics and values, above all. In a fast-paced world, the MGM Group still holds good the principles of courtesy, traditional values and discipline. With this approach, we aim to usher in a new era in the Indian economy.
Minds Powering The Group :
Born in a hamlet in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, Dr.M.G.Muthu became a classic personification of the “rags to riches” through hard work and absolute honesty. His business acumen, commitment to social peace and justice, sports and welfare activities aimed at uplifting the underprivileged, are all widely recognized and appreciated by the society. He is a recipient of several awards and accolades including “Chevalier”, “Doctorate”, “Rashtriya Gaurava and Seva Ratna”. Dr.M.G. Muthu is essentially a man dedicated to uplifting the society and industry to a whole new level. He is a man with a mission and a vision to help the blossoms in the dust, silently.
  Mr.M.G.M.Maran – Vice Chairman
Mr.M.G.M.Maran has developed conglomeration of the Business Empire through his sheer vision, hard work & dedication. Following his father’s business into logistics, today, he has scaled the business manifold and reached much greater heights. It is with this earned and well-deserved aura that he handles a plethora of businesses both in India and abroad.

He is instrumental in steering the Group’s business ventures and has succeeded in transforming them in to world-class business establishments of global acclaim. A visionary by birth, Mr. Maran, embarked on his journey with a single-minded objective of providing high quality logistic services at affordable prices. He achieved his dream in a very short span with a clear vision, personal attention, a check on quality, constant innovation and high levels of business integrity and ethics.Today apart from being the Vice-Chairman of the Group, he is also the Director of several other ventures across the globe. He was the youngest Chairman of a leading bank in India –TAMILNADU MERCANTILE BANK.

  Mr MGM Anand – Managing Director
Mr. MGM Anand’s affiliation to business grew by his involvement in his father’s business even from his teen age days.
Under his leadership, the Group has grown into a landmark, featured high on the business map of the world. By establishing new business tie-ups globally, with customer focus and service excellence across the group, Mr. MGM Anand continues to raise the Groups business to international standards.
From the Heart!
“Where there is a will, there is a way” is the motto of our chairman. As an aspiring youngster with innovative ideas, His career had a humble start in 1957 ...
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