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The Future We See
Our foundation stands strong on the pillars of Integrity, Honesty and Passion to excel. With our values guiding every step we take we hope to:
Become a Logistic major handling 25 million Metric Ton of Cargo leveraging rapid infrastructure development at all major Indian and International ports
Be a major player in IMFL products by producing and introducing more varieties and widening the market range both – Nationally and Internationally
Expand the spectrum of Hospitality Division by introducing more Hotels, Resorts and also providing star facilities and comforts, comparable to International standards, both in India and abroad
Enlarge the trading in coal, metals and minerals and become a major International Trading Organization
Establish a strong presence in IT & ITES
Establish a state of the Art Trade Centre with integrated facilities
While numbers and milestones are key factors in growth, our growth will always focus on our commitment to community, employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders We, at MGM, seek to take our brand and its heritage to the next era in a manner that ensures World wide acclaim
From the Heart!
“Where there is a will, there is a way” is the motto of our chairman. As an aspiring youngster with innovative ideas, His career had a humble start in 1957 ...
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